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Teaching Artist He/Him

"My course can be expanded on and adjusted based on age groups attending. Certain parts such as writing an outline may be reserved for older / more experienced students to save time and allow for more general art instruction. The goal is to have students make a comic from start to finish within the allotted time, and as such, the course may need to be split into multiple days to insure that enough time is given for each step. It would be ideal for the students to not have to work on any part of the course outside of the class in case they are relying on the provided materials to complete the project."


Ronald Ellis III is a Black, Seattle based illustrator, indie comic publisher, art instructor, and the creator of the Suffer, As We Do sequential art incubation platform and comic anthology series. He has taken on the roles of writer, concept artist, storyboard artist, character designer, and publisher for the series while building the platform to provide classes and general lessons for the art of sequential storytelling. Ronald is a self-taught illustrator, crediting a love of comics, manga, and games for his passion for storytelling. Ronald’s work with Grounded Above the Clouds, an art consignment shop and workspace, was the first step towards creating a platform to help uplift fellow artists and his first opportunity to lead comics workshops. With a focus on creating stories that provide representation for overlooked communities and the niches within, Ronald is building the platform he needed when starting out as a young creative.

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Comic Creation Workshop

3/29/2024 Friday 6-9pm


Comic Creation Workshop

4/26/2024 Friday 6-9pm

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